10/13/2003 Betting on Natural Products for Cures (Chemical & Engineering News)
9/18/2003 Advanced Life Sciences relocates to new Woodridge headquarters
9/03/2003 Patent granted for novel class of anti-cancer compounds
7/17/2003 Additional patent granted for promising melanoma drug
6/24/2003 SBIR grant awarded to Advanced Life Sciences for proteomics research
6/10/2003 Advanced Life Sciences appoints director of biological sciences
5/21/2003 Advanced Life Sciences to license promising technology from Argonne National Laboratory
4/22/2003 Advanced Life Sciences acquires new Woodridge headquarters
3/11/2003 First major biotech conference here (The Chicago Sun-Times)
1/30/2003 Advanced Life Sciences interview (The Wall Street Transcript)
1/21/2003 Patent granted for a promising melanoma drug
1/20/2003 ALS to confront deadly melanoma (I-Street)
1/15/2003 Finding biomedicines for infectious disease (Genetic Engineering News)*
1/08/2003 Chicago grows as health-care, biotech center (Wall Street Journal)
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