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Advanced Life Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs in the areas of infection, cancer and inflammation. The Company's lead product candidate, cethromycin, is a novel ketolide antibiotic in late stage clinical development for the treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Using its internal discovery platform of natural products optimization through medicinal chemistry and structural biology coupled with in-licensing, Advanced Life Sciences has assembled a promising pipeline of clinical and preclinical candidates. The Company has four product candidates that are either in clinical development or approved to begin clinical development and six additional candidates in preclinical development.

Advanced Life Sciences intends to focus its resources on the development and commercialization of cethromycin for use in respiratory tract infections such as community acquired pneumonia, bronchitis and sinusitis. The Company is planning to complete two pivotal phase III clinical trials in community acquired pneumonia. Advanced Life Sciences plans to partner with other organizations to advance its earlier stage programs.

  Development Pipeline
  Cethromycin Market Opportunity

Worldwide resistance rates to currently marketed macrolide and penicillin antibiotics range from 40-60%. The two key macrolide products are facing patent expiry in 2005 and are becoming less effective due to the emergence of resistance. The U.S. respiratory tract infection market was $4 billion in 2004. Macrolides were the front-line therapy of choice with 60% market share. There is a need for new antibiotics that overcome macrolide and penicillin resistance. Ketolides are designed to overcome resistance by their unique mechanism of action. Ketolides inhibit bacterial
protein synthesis by binding to two sites on the ribosome. Macrolides bind to one site on the ribosome and thus incur resistance. There is only one ketolide on the market, creating a strong need for additional drugs in the class as physicians welcome the increased potency, mild safety profile and the ability to overcome resistance associated with the ketolides.

  Potential Indications for Cethromycin

Community acquired pneumonia is the sixth most common cause of death in the United States. Community acquired pneumonia affects 5-6 million patients each year, with 10 million physician visits, and 2 million hospitalizations occurring annually.

Bronchitis affects as many as 13 million patients per year in the United States, with the occurrence of 32 million cases of acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis characterized by increased coughing and additional symptoms of respiratory distress.

Sinusitis accounts for an estimated 31 million cases annually, resulting in 25 million office visits per year. It is the fifth most common diagnosis for which antibiotics are prescribed.

  Commercialization and Partnering Plan for Cethromycin
  The Company plans to build a focused specialty sales force for CAP, targeting early adopters and specialists who are most concerned about resistance. The Company also plans to co-promote cethromycin with a partner that has a large sales force, targeting primary care physicians and engage a commercial partner in Europe and Asia.
  Stock Information

Ticker: ADLS
Exchange: Nasdaq
Shares Outstanding: 17,826,801 shares
Market Cap: $89M

Management Team Contact Information
Michael Flavin, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO
John Flavin, M.B.A. President
Richard Wieland, M.B.A. EVP and CFO
Suseelan Pookote, Ph.D. EVP of Corporate Development
Ze-Qi Xu, Ph.D. CSO
David Eiznhamer, Ph.D. VP of Biological Sciences

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John Flavin, President

1440 Davey Road
Woodridge, IL 60517

T: (630) 739-6744  |  F: (630) 739-6754

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